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Hi, I'm Blake Milton and I'm very excited about the health and wellnes products that I discovered and have been using every day for months now. It is called Zeal For Life.

There are two main product lines - The Zeal Wellness Formula and the Zeal Weight Management Program.

I'll tell you more about those in a minute but I first wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the products themselves, the ingredients in them and the company that sells them. In fact I was so impressed that I decided to promote them so that others can experience the same benefits, opportunity and excitement that I have found.

I am happy to provide you with as much information as I can about these extraordinary products. This website is dedicated to bring you as much in depth information as possible but I am also avilable to you through either email or phone calls.

I want you to enjoy a marked improvment in your health, energy and well being and will be glad to help you achieve that.


Zeal For Life Wellness Formula

Zeal is an all in one nutritional wellness formula that targets the 7 Major Health Challenges:
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Weight Gain
  • Body Discomfort
  • Low Energy
  • Poor Immune System
  • What does "All In One" Mean?
    One Scoop Of Zeal Replaces The Need For All Of These!


    Weight Management System

    You are really going to enjoy this! Everybody wants to achieve and maintain their perfect wieght. This system has helped so many people obtain and maintain that perfect physique and optimal levels of health. If you need to lose those extra few punds, then this is one of the best products on the market to achieve that goal. It is not only more effective than other products on the market it is also less money! They also have a 90 Day Challenge complete with coaching and support so you that will help to inspire, motivate and assure that you reach your weight goals in the shortest and most enjoyable way possible. There are so many testimonials out there from people who have enjoyed tremendous success with their weight loss goals by using this product


    Zeal For Life Review

    Price - How Much Does Zeal Cost?

    Let's start off with the price since that is what most people want to know right off the bat.
    Whether you are looking at Zeal Wellness Formula or the Zeal Weight Management System I must mention that there are two pricing levels.
    Retail and Discounted.

    However it is so easy to be eligible for the discounted price.
    You simply sign up to be a "Zeal Preferred Customer". Go to the same link and click the preferred customer link.
    Not only does this get you the discounted price, but if you are like most people then you'll start seeing the tremendous health and energy benefits of Zeal very quickly (see the testimonials page for some pretty amazing stories). Why do I mention that in a paragraph about pricing?

    Because as you start to see these benefits, then it is only natural for others to notice the improvements and for you to want to share your story with others (and of course you'll also want your family and friends to experience the same incredible benefits.)

    So, if you have already signed up to become a Zeal Preferred Customer/Consultant (to get the discount) then you are able to send them to your "Zeal" website that is created for you immediately when you sign up. Basically you are getting a ready made business (including tax benefits and any other perks you would expect from being a business owner. Heck you can even put this business in your will to pass along to your loved ones).

    This way not only are you helping others to enjoy a higher level of health and energy but the potential is also there to improve thier financial health as well (and yours too for that matter).

    Before really getting to the exact pricing I want to mention something very important first.
    First time orders of a Zeal Wellness Canister come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

    But now on to the nitty gritty... A single canister of zeal (30 day supply) costs 69.95 retail for a one time purchase.
    If you were smart and became a Zeal Preferred Customer then your price is 59.95 and you'll be set up then to receive a new canister every month (of course you can cancel the auto shipment at any time, but you won't want to do that once you start seeing those improvements in your health and energy, etc.)
    They also offer Zeal Wellness in single serving bottles (24 of them)
    Retail price is $99.95 Preferred price is $84.95

    They have just lowered the price of the Zeal Weight Management Program.
    It was $245.00 retail.. Now they've just knocked the bottom out of the pricing and are now selling it for 199.95 retail but 169.95 Preferred pricing. The other comparable 30 day weight management programs that are out there come in at around $90.00 higher. So the Zeal Weight Management Program is not only one of the best programs out there, it is now the most affordable.